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Boots 17 Blush Collection and Review | Mariam

I'm a huge fan of 17 – one of the three Boots exclusive brands. It stands on the lower end of highstreet/drugstore pricing range and constantly comes out with new exciting products while maintaining a solid permanent line. One of my favourite products are the blushes. I love them so much, I've collected five over the years.

I should apologise now and say that four out of five are limited edition, but the praise for these blushes is consistent across the board. I know a lot of people talk about the Natural Collection blushes from Boots, but I'm personally not convinced. Yes, the 17 blushes are that little but pricier at £3.49, but they compare with other blushes I've tried at two, even three times the price. All the blushes I own are buttery, blend easily and any glitter is very inconspicuous.

Damson Wine

This is the only permanent line blusher I have. It's a very neutral dusky rose/plum colour, akin to Benefit's Dallas. It's a very easy colour to wear, and as it's matte, it lends itself to a slight sculpting effect.

These other four blushes are limited editions (though the last two are still in stores I believe – RUN!) and therefore have the slightly snazzier title of Blush and Glow and the price is raised to £3.99.

These two were released around two years ago, if I remember correctly, though I have seen them in little Boots clearouts. These are half blushes/half highlighters, but as I'm not a highlighter fan, I haven't got a lot to say about that part.

Peaches and Cream (on the left) is a lovely rich peach shade with a healthy dose of gold shimmer – the perfect spring/summer shade. It is very comparable to the cult Orgasm by Nars, and truly a flattering, warm shade.

Strawberry Swirl is one of my all-time favourite blushes (you can even see a little bit of the pan peeking though!). It's very close to my natural 'blush colour' if that makes sense, so I find it really easy to wear. 

These two were released this spring and I believe they're still in store and definitely on the Boots website. Instead of a blush/highlight combo, these are two blush duos that can be used seperately or indeed mixed together.

In Bloom is the perfect spring shade. It's a cool toned pink with a slightly lilac/purple undertone, however, I did find it to work on my skin tone.

Peachy is one of the most flattering shades I've ever worn. It's not quite as peachy as the name would suggest, I actually find it to be quite pinky. Nevertheless, it's an instant brightening blush and perfect for summer.

What do you make of the 17 blushes? Do you own any, or are wanting to try them out?

Mariam xx

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