Monday, 25 June 2012

Topshop lipstick in Rio Rio | Shona

You know those days when you wake up and want to 'dress your face up' even though your probably going nowhere, and seeing only your and oblivious parents and tired, festival-worn sister. Yes today was one of those days. On those kind of days I often reach for the Rio Rio lipstick from the topshop.

As its an  orange-toned red its super easy to wear, and today I went with a subtle bronzey eye, and a good dashing of bronzer through the cheekbones!

I love the lipstick range from topshop, as they are well pigmented, long lasting and have a slightly creamy finish for the first few hours so are a joy to wear. Another plus is there is a small but diverse range of intriguing colours to chooses from. I tend to gravitate towards them than other brands on the highstreet which is evident from my ever-growing collection! As I dont have a red lip liner in my collection, I used a Rimmel lip liner in 001 Spice, which does its job and slightlt tones-down the vibrancy of the lipstick suiably for the daytime.

This lipstick is priced at £8.00, which although a bit pricier than other highstreet brands, manges to justifies itself with its lasting power, pigmentation and slightly-glossy-slightly-satin finish which makes it so comfortable to wear.

 Do you find the whole colour range wearable? Have you got any good recommenndations from the topshop lipstick range?

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