Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wishlist #1 | Shona

Oh Sundays, I do love em. This morning I sat for at least three hours swooning over what the high street had on offer for me now that it's autumn. However, since I am hopefully going to Spain shortly (more on that to come...) it would be pretty silly of me to actually buy anything, which in some respects sucks because Autumn/winter is definitely my favorite season both for weather and fashion. Anyway I decided to put together an autumn wishlist or outfit idea together, just for my amusement anyway. 
6. MAC - See Sheer, £14

Firstly; THE SHOES! I know they're really not to everyone's taste (I can already tell Mariam won't be a fan) but I absolotely love them. I feel like dressed in a very casual and subtle fashion they really add something to an outfit. Secondly, I am in absolute love with the Jacket from the moment I saw it in my local store I knew that one day it would end up in my wardrobe... now I just have to suck up enough courage to pay £55 for it! I am definately a fan of James Dean, (not only for his looks, but I ain't complaining) and I know primark had a t-shirt very similar to this last year but unfortuately I missed out. Lastly, I know that the lipstick and nail polish is slightly out of keeping with the rest of the look but I think these accents would really pick the whole outfit up, as its all quite dark and moody.

Hope you like it, are there any pieces out there this autumn that your just dying for?

Shona xx

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  1. Love this set! Anything associated with James Dean & I'm a fan! xx