Monday, 30 July 2012

Worth the Hype? - Caudalie Beauty Elixir | Mariam

It's unusual for a little (and bloody expensive!) glass bottle to garner so much attention. But this toner/serum/face mist has taken the beauty world by storm. It all started with a tweet from Victoria Beckham herself and now even I have purchased (and repurchased this product).

Caudalie claims this product refreshes, smoothes and minimises the pores. No small claim for a small bottle. Yet a quick search across the net will tell you it can also be used as a make-up setter, a serum, to fight blemishes and combat an uneven skintone.

I use this product in the night time, in place of a moisturiser. As it's a very fine mist, it doesn't clog the pores and I like to let my skin breathe especially during the night when your cells are renewing and regenerating. I've not bought into rich night creams and I don't think I ever will. Spritzing this on my face makes it feel nourished and pampered, and perhaps the key reason of my love affair with this is the way it has helped to clear my skin of its pesky blemishes. Due to it's price tag, I tried to minimise usage to twice/thrice a week, but whenever I wasn't using it, I could feel my skin crying out for more. Blemishes cropped up once more and my skin was just feeling less clear. This is why I won't join the 'Caudalie Beauty Elixir is just a glorified water' Camp. It really does something for the texture, balance and overall appearance of my skin.

As for the smell, which tends to be the most controversial and elaborated aspect of the product: I don't like it. It doesn't calm me down nor perk me up. I can bear it, but I'd prefer if it didn't smell of fairy liquid mixed with a herbal urine. Nevertheless, such is life and it is a price I'm willing to pay.

Yet is £11 a pop a price I'm willing to pay for 30ml of what is essentially stinky liquid in a pretty glass bottle?For now, yes. It lives up to the hype and it's a staple in my skincare routine. I'll use up my current bottle and have a long hard think about it. These things take time and consideration. I might even compose a mindmap.

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